Opal Tower - Saigon Pearl

92 Nguyen Huu Canh St., Ward 22, Binh Thanh Dist., HCM.C

- OPAL TOWER is the last building to be built under Saigon Pearl complex project of 10.3 hectares. Located right on the front of Nguyen Huu Canh street, thank to prime location, it is very convenient to move and connect to existing and new centers of the city - Thu Thiem urban area. Adjacent to the facilities at Saigon Pearl such as riverside parks, international schools, restaurants, banks, sports clubs ...
- In addition to inheriting high-class facilities at Saigon Pearl complex, Opal Tower also owns the most advanced and modern high-end facilities with pool overflowing, gym, Event rooms & community activities were  built on Level 3 for residents. And Grade A office blocks, Shophouse commercial floor on the ground floor is surrounded by rows of green trees, along with fresh air from the Saigon River. Opal Tower will be the place to enjoy high-class life for you and your family!
-  Opal Tower Project is invested to build with full features of a multi-purpose building including high-class apartments and Grade A office modern and comfortable. With 41 floors and 4 basements, the entrances to the office tower is designed to be separate from the other access points to maximize your privacy when conducting business.
The project is under construction in Phase 3B, almost complete. Expected handover in The 1st quarter-2020.
- Legal status: Sale contract, ownership certificate
* Vietnamese people: ownership permanent 
* Foreigners: ownership 50 years
OPAL TOWER BUILDING INFORMATION: (with detailed drawings (link ))
- Invested and developed by Vietnam Land SSG Ltd
- Project scale: 1 double Block 41 floors and 4 basements, the land area of 4,161sqm including high-class apartments, Grade A offices, Shop houses ... 
* Block of apartments: (Opal Apartment) 
- 41 floors high, 4 basements.
+ From the ground floor to the 3rd floor are commercial centers, play areas, shopping centers .. are arranged in 8 Shophouses surrounding the project with area of 194sqm - 284sqm
+ 3rd floor is arranged utilities such as overflow pool (9x33)sqm, gym, event room and community activities ...
+ The apartments from 4th floor through 39nd floor
+ 40th floor is 3 penthouses
+ 41th floor is the technical area, maintenance
- There are 7 elevators and 2 emergency exits by stairs
- Total number of apartments are about 450 units
* Reasonably designed with spacious aisles, easy access to elevators, All apartments have balconies and outside contact distance of at least 30 meter
Please see Typical apartment’s master plan of Opal Tower in Here (link)
* Block of offices: (Opal Office)
- 39 floors high, from 3rd - 39th floor
- Area of each floor 810sqm 
- There are 8 elevators and 2 emergency exits by stairs
Please see Typical office’s master plan of Opal Tower in Here (link )
* Interior handover of Apartments: (watch the video here->link)
- Ceiling air conditioner system
- High-class electromagnetic stove and kitchen-shelf ... 
- High-end bathroom was completed
- Basic ceiling and lighting systems.
- Elevator system of ThyssenKrupp Germany, high speed
* See detailed list of materials and equipment of Opal Tower apartment in Here (link đến BÀI VIẾT trang fanpage)
* Outstanding features of Opal Tower apartments:
Apt. No.1: 2 BRs - 85.83sqm
Apt. No.2: 2 BRs - 86.04sqm
Apt. No.3: 1 Bedroom - 50.33sqm
Apt. No.4: 1 Bedroom - 50.33sqm
Apt. No.5: 2 BRs - 90.12sqm
Apt. No.6: 4 BRs - 160.95sqm 
Apt. No.7: 3 BRs - 135.88sqm
Apt. No.8: 4 BRs - 157.77sqm
Apt. No.9: 2 BRs - 90.12sqm
Apt. No.10: 2 BRs - 94.87sqm
Apt. No.11: 2 BRs - 86.04sqm
Apt. No.12: 2 BRs - 85.68sqm
* Apartment No.1 to No.6
- Direction of  Main door: Northeast
- Direction of Balcony: Southwest
- View of Nguyen Huu Canh street &  green campus of Sunwah Pearl
* Apartment No.8 to No.12
- Direction of  Main door: Southwest
- Direction of Balcony: Northeast
- View of Saigon River, Nguyen Huu Canh Street and Villa Saigon Pearl
* Unique Apartment No.7:
- Direction of Main door: Northwest
- Direction of Balcony: Southeast
- View of Saigon river and new urban area Thu Thiem
® With the experience of successfully trading many apartments at Opal Tower, we are committed to supporting well for customers with the following issues:
1- The best selling price information updated regularly in Here (link)
2- Legal procedures, forms of transaction contracts
3. The bank supports preferential interest rates
4- Providing, Consulting full information of Opal Tower project
Customer Support Hotline: (+84) 909 255 622 (Viber / Zalo / Whatsapp ...)
* Service fees at Opal Tower – Saigon Pearl:
- Management fee: - VND / sqm ( included VAT)
- Motorbike rental: - VND / pcs  (included VAT)
- Car fee: - VND / pcs ( included VAT)
® Update prices and rents of apartments & Offices & Shophouses Opal Tower project in Binh Thanh district [November 2019]: Please call us 0909 255 622
Thanks and Regards.


  • Shopping mall
  • Gym and Yoga center
  • The Park
  • Pool
  • International school
  • Community living room
  • Playground of children
  • Backup power
  • Elevator
  • Parking lot
  • 24/7 security


  • Investor

    Vietnam Land SSG

  • Type

    Multipurpose Building Apartment, Office & Shophouses

  • Status

    about to hand over

  • Construction area

    4161 sqm

  • Delivery time

    Qúy I/2020

  • Green space


  • Building density


  • Number of floors


  • Number of blocks


  • Number of apartments


  • Number of officetel


  • Area apartment

    50.3 - 161 sqm

  • Selling price

    146.000$ - 396.000$

  • Rental

    730$ - 1300$



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